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Shipping and Delivery


Availability of goods is always indicated within the product’s details page and in the virtual shopping cart page, although it is not updated in real time.

Next to the availability there is also information related to the expected shipping date, which will be specified in detail via e-mail in case it is different from what already stated.


Delivery timing may vary based on product availability, which is indicated at the time the order is placed. If the product is not in our warehouse at the moment of purchase, the Customer will be quickly notified, indicating the possible delivery date. The total amount of time required to receive the goods depends on how long it takes to fulfil the order and on the time necessary for the courier to deliver it. In most Italian locations delivery is made within 24/48 hours.

Delivery is at the recipient’s risk.


Shipping costs depend on the weight/volume of the purchased goods. The final price can be monitored throughout the purchase process because the details of the cost are always updated in the virtual shopping cart page.

If the total amount of the order is over €500 (VAT not included), shipping to Italy is free.

By placing the order the Customer is committed to signing the shipping documentation presented by the courier, on which the Customer will be able to note any and all observations deemed necessary. By signing the shipping documentation the Customer acknowledges receipt of the total number of items indicated on the documentation.

If any products are damaged or missing, the Customer must present a claim to Customer Service within 7 days by sending an e-mail to resi@acquaclick.com.

Any event such as extenuating circumstances, accident, strike, administrative decisions or transportation suspension—which could delay or prevent supply or make its cost exorbitant—constitutes by explicit agreement a clause of suspension or termination of Acquaclick’s obligations, with no indemnity to the Customer if the event lasts for more than 15 days. In such case the Customer will be wholly and automatically exonerated of any obligations related to the order.


Deliveries are carried out during normal business hours by an express courier chosen by the Customer. Customers should provide an address where someone can sign for the delivery, and a phone number where they can be contacted.

Acquaclick cannot be held responsible for any delays in the processing or the delivery of the order by the courier.

It is the courier’s responsibility to transport and deliver the ordered goods with the proper care.

It is the Customer’s responsibility, or of whomever the Customer delegates to sign for the delivery, to verify the number of packages received and that they are in good condition; once the goods are signed for without specifying “goods unchecked”, it is no longer possible to make any claims against their integrity, as upon signing the courier is absolved of any responsibility. It is possible that the courier will only offer you the option to either sign without reserve or reject the goods: we suggest you make an agreement with the courier to pick up the goods from their storage location, so as to give you a chance to inspect the goods carefully.

Before accepting the goods you should check all of the following:

The type of packaging we use is either box or pallet. Below are instructions on what and how to check for in both cases.

_ box: it is the Customer’s responsibility to check that it is whole, to inspect it on all sides to verify it is not creased, crumpled, flattened, torn, and that it has no holes, wet areas, or areas in which adhesive tape with the courier’s logo/name has been applied, even in small quantities. If the weight of the box allows for it, pick it up and shake it gently so as to hear if there are broken pieces inside.

_ pallet: it is wrapped in transparent plastic wrap, so look carefully inside to see if any objects are broken. In this case as well you should check to see that there is no damage either to the pallet or its packaging.

When shipping fragile items it is possible that the packaging looks whole but the goods have been damaged anyways during transport.

In such situations it is possible to make a claim only if the delivery has been signed for by adding in writing “UNCHECKED GOODS”

Any option must be written on the digital receipt or on the paper receipt that the courier keeps.

Furthermore, if when the package is being delivered you notice that it is not handled properly, for example it is tossed or dropped on the floor in such a way that the goods could get damaged, add the wording “ACCEPTED CONDITIONALLY FOR IMPROPER HANDLING”.

Please note that if the goods have been signed for without specifying the above-mentioned options, we will not be able to reimburse you for the damaged goods in any way. By accepting the goods without writing “goods unchecked” you are declaring that you verified that the goods are whole and it is thus impossible to prove that the damage happened during transport.

By accepting the goods without writing “goods unchecked” you absolve both the courier and the seller of any responsibilities.

This is valid for any damage that can be attributed to transportation. We will answer for any problems related to manufacturing defects and malfunctioning that are not related to improper installation or use.

Any problems you encounter as regards the physical integrity, correspondence, or completeness of the goods must be communicated within 7 calendar days from delivery, according to the instructions specified in this document. Delivery is to be made at street level unless otherwise specified to our Customer Assistance department by the Customer.

In case the goods cannot be delivered to the address specified by the Customer at the time the order was placed, the courier may try to deliver them again, and will keep them on deposit in their warehouse. The Customer has 5 workdays after the first delivery attempt to pick up the goods, after which they will be returned to Acquaclick’s warehouse.


Delivery time through express courier: 24/48 hours, except for hard-to-reach areas, from the moment the courier picks the goods up from our warehouse.