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Outdoor flooring

Modern or rustic outdoor tiles

It is important to enhance every point of the house in order to have a domestic environment with impeccable taste.

In fact, even outdoor environments should not be overlooked starting with outdoor floors, which must be chosen based on the design, but above all on the quality because they are called to resist bad weather and climatic alterations for years.

It is important to choose tiles that are suitable for the climatic conditions of the area in which they are located and that are easy to clean and maintain over time.

Outdoor tiles can also be used to create walkways, pool surrounds or ground decorations.

Marazzi Vero outdoor tiles

Floors for gardens, balconies and terraces

The outdoor floors that we offer on Acquaclick are rigorously porcelain stoneware tiles: outdoor floors must have very specific characteristics in order to respond correctly to the needs of each environment and be resistant to atmospheric agents.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the context in which the outdoor tiles must be inserted.

In a garden, for example, it is possible to create a path, for example with a stone outdoor floor, directly on a lawn and, for this purpose, it is possible to use thicker tiles (usually 2 cm thick) which are laid at dry directly on the grass.

The 2 cm thick tiles can also be laid with glue and used to pave driveway areas of the garden.

For a balcony or terrace instead, to give continuity and depth to the internal environment, it is possible to choose the same tile for the internal floor in the structured outdoor version.

As in all the other rooms of the house, even when choosing the outdoor floor, it is important to pay attention to the style: if you want to obtain a more formal result, it is preferable to opt for a stone effect with dark shades, while if the purpose is to have a natural result, you can prefer wood effects or light-colored stone-effect tiles.

When choosing flooring for the outdoor area of your home, it is important to opt for weather and weather resistant materials.

They can be found in different types, but by far the most widespread is the porcelain stoneware outdoor tile: you can choose from various textures and colors to customize the final effect. It is also important to evaluate the maintenance required for each type of floor before making a definitive choice.

Marazzi has a very wide range of modern outdoor floors also for dry laying for your outdoor spaces and you will find everything at the best price on the market on Acquaclick.

To complement your home with the best designer tiles, check out our interior floor tiles.

Outdoor tiles offer a wide range of styles and effects for paving your outdoor space: all outdoor tiles feature a non-slip surface, making them suitable even for wet areas such as the pool or garden.

Either way, outdoor tiles will be a great choice for enhancing the look and functionality of your outdoor space.

How to tile a small garden?

Tiling a small garden is a great idea for creating a paved and functional area.

First of all, you need to choose the outdoor tiles that best suit your needs, based on the size of the garden and the style you want to give.

Subsequently, the ground must be prepared by leveling the surface and placing a base of sand or gravel: the tiles are then laid following a precise pattern and using the appropriate adhesive or, in the case of thickened tiles, it is also possible to lay them dry.

Once the laying operations have been completed, it is advisable to seal the joints to ensure maximum resistance to water and bad weather.

Porcelain stoneware is the ideal material for outdoor tiles: it is a material resistant to bad weather, sudden changes in temperature and UV rays.

Furthermore, it is non-slip and easy to clean: thanks to its high density, porcelain stoneware has excellent resistance to wear and stains.

It is also available in a wide range of colours, textures and formats, making it suitable for any type of outdoor environment, from the garden to the patio, from the terrace to the swimming pool.

Choosing porcelain stoneware for outdoor tiles means investing in a durable, quality material.

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