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Since 1901 Hansgrohe has specialized in the sanitary fittings industry, developing trending concepts and solutions that have been stimulating international research.

Most of Hansgrohe’s products are made in the south of Germany, and the company maintains a rigorous eye on the quality of its materials, on the production process, and on research to improve our health, safety and well-being. Hansgrohe stands for high functionality and product quality, technological ability and leading design, production methods and eco-friendly products.

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The majority of Hansgrohe faucets are manufactured in Southern Germany and the company maintains strict quality management in materials, process and the pursuit of innovation for health, safety and well-being.

Hansgrohe stands for high functionality and tap quality, technological prowess and cutting-edge design, production methods and environmentally friendly products.

In particular, hansgrohe shower rods and, in general, all Hansgrohe hand showers or shower columns have a vaporous jet thanks to the combined use of air and water to obtain maximum comfort together with high water savings.

Even the Hansgrohe faucets have a very high standard both in terms of design, thanks to collaborations with internationally known designer studios, and in terms of ergonomic comfort of use.

HANSGROHE RAINDANCE SHOWER BARS: Thanks to the intuitive selection of spray types, the shower bars, shower columns and overhead showers of the Raindance series are designed to switch from one spray type to another with a single click, maximizing your showering pleasure . The most modern technology is combined with a timeless design that makes the bathroom always up-to-date. Raindance Select also offers two types of jets with switchable by key choosing between light and delicate drops or stronger jets.

HANSGROHE CROMA 100 Sliding Rail: The Croma 100 shower rails, hand showers and overhead showers combine classic, simple lines with advanced technology. The pleasure of the shower is maximized thanks to the possibility of jets of different intensities which offer different sensations of well-being. This series is also characterized by QuickClean technology, for quick cleaning of limescale, thanks to the use of practical silicone nozzles.

HANSGROHE KITCHEN TAPS: The elegance of the kitchen mixer lines by Hansgrohe, Puravida, Metris, Talis and Focus, and the variety of their shapes and sizes and spout heights are combined with cutting-edge technology and operating comfort. Hansgrohe kitchen faucets are made of high-quality materials and characterized by solid workmanship, which makes them resistant even with intensive use. The sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology give a modern and seductive touch to the kitchen environment

HANSGROHE FOCUS MIXER: the taps of the Focus line make a bathroom lively, fresh and elegant. The QuickClean technology for quick cleaning of limescale residues and the AirPower technology, which combines water and air generating a sparkling rain jet that also reduces consumption, combined with the attractive price, make the collection suitable for every need.

HANSGROHE METRIS MIXERS: The modern line of Metris bathroom faucets is characterized by excellent comfort on the washbasin, achieved thanks to the reduced shapes of the mixer models, which fit harmoniously into any context. The water-saving technology of the mixer with flow rate reduction to 5 litres/minute, combined with the affordable price makes the series a must-have

PURAVIDA HANSGROHE MIXERS: The PuraVida tap line is characterized by an avant-garde idea both as regards the shapes of the mixers and as regards the operating technology of the taps: the PuraVida taps, in fact, are also ecological, as they save water and power. The particularly refined forms are enhanced by the sculptural appearance and the white-chrome surface: the use of the two materials (DualFinish) allows for the precise fusion of the surfaces, highlighting the brilliance of the chrome and the purity of the white. Another interesting element of this series is the pin handle, which favors an intuitive and immediate command.

HANSGROHE TALIS TAPS: The modern line of Talis mixers is made even more practical and comfortable by the swivel spout in the mixer, which guarantees a greater possibility of use. Extremely useful also for cleaning the sink, and also characterized by the comfortable management with a pivot handle, the taps of the Talis line allow you to manage and make the most of the free space between the spout and the basin. The convenience in the price and the ecological attention, with the limitation of the flow rate to 5 litres/minute, make the series indispensable

The latest trends in tap design focus on colour: Hansgrohe

has ventured into the study of faucets and shower components in various

color variations, with an emphasis on matte black, the color of

recent trend.

For example, the Hansgrohe Pulsify shower collection is a great ally for anyone

dwants to complete their shower area with design elements and trendy colours

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