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Washbasin faucets

Bathroom sink taps: offers on Acquaclick

When you reach a good point in the bathroom renovation it is advisable to proceed with the choice of the taps so as not to find yourself unprepared or without the material at the time of assembly: especially if you want a particular tap or with a customized color, it is advisable to move well in advance because production times can be very long.

If the focal point of your bathroom is the washbasin cabinet, the choice of taps must necessarily start from the washbasin mixer, an element on which the attention of anyone who enters this environment will be focused.

There are many options available for the bathroom sink faucet for sale online and they all meet aesthetic and functional requirements and it is essential to be able to find the correct mixer for the type of sink installed and consistent with the entire bathroom design.

How does a water mixer work?

A basin mixer is a device that allows you to mix hot and cold water to obtain the desired temperature.

The water mixer works through a mechanism that regulates the flow of hot and cold water, allowing you to obtain a uniform temperature: most basin mixers use a cartridge to control the flow of water and, when you turn the knob of the mixer, the cartridge opens or closes the flow of hot or cold water, thus allowing you to adjust the temperature of the water leaving the tap.

Types of bathroom sink faucets

If your bathroom is traditional, with some vintage touches, the best choice is definitely a three-hole bathroom faucet which, with the typical four-pointed handles, which allow you to adjust the flow of hot and cold water separately, mixing them manually: a great example is the Noel basin mixer from Bellosta.

However, it is possible to furnish a retro bathroom without giving up the convenience of a single lever basin mixer, with a single lever (perhaps with a porcelain finish) which mixes the water by regulating its flow and temperature.

In any case, it is not certain that a three-hole mixer cannot adapt to a modern bathroom: in fact, there are numerous reinterpretations of three-hole mixers in a modern key that can also be inserted in the most high-tech environments, such as for example the Life basin faucet by Bellosta.

If you have a modern bathroom, you can opt for a wall-mounted basin mixer, ideal for combination with minimal or large countertop basins: they can be with a single plate, with spout and lever on the same metal plate, or with two rosettes separated.

One of the most requested is the Ceraline wall-mounted basin mixer by Ideal Standard.

In combination with a countertop washbasin, it is also possible to use a tall washbasin mixer which is usually positioned behind the washbasin or laterally in the case of a shallow countertop.

For large bathrooms, there is the possibility of playing more with the elements of the bathroom and using, for example, a freestanding sink to enhance the environment: in this case it is possible to opt for a floor-mounted sink mixer for a truly spectacular effect .

Find out some more advice on how to furnish a square bathroom or a small bathroom and free your imagination!

Ideal Standard bathroom sink tap

Bathroom sink faucet

The basin mixer is a fundamental element in bathroom faucets: thanks to its ability to regulate the temperature and the flow of water, it allows you to wash your hands and face with great comfort.

There are different models of mixer taps, with different shapes and materials, able to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need: a careful choice of bathroom sink taps can make the difference in the appearance of your bathroom furnishings, as well as guaranteeing you optimal functionality in the time.

Choosing a quality basin mixer will allow you to have a reliable and long-lasting solution for many years.

A high quality basin mixer will not only last longer but will also guarantee optimal functioning over time.

Make sure you choose a branded product, with resistant materials and impeccable finishes, in this way, you can be sure of buying a faucet that meets your needs in terms of functionality, aesthetics and durability.

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