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Bathroom mirrors

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Modern bathroom mirrors and traditional mirrors on Acquaclick

Koh-I-Noor bathroom mirror

The bathroom mirror is the perfect complement to your piece of furniture and is able to give brightness and depth to your bathroom if chosen correctly: a bathroom mirror is a piece of furniture capable of making your bathroom even more beautiful and balanced .

Aesthetic and functional, the designer bathroom mirror is an extremely useful product for bathroom furnishings, which represents the fulcrum of your bathroom and which, in addition to being beautiful, must also be useful and practical.

Bathroom mirrors are divided into two macro categories: mirror with frame and polished edge mirror.

A bathroom mirror with frame is more traditional and, in the case of insertion in bathrooms with a vintage flavor, mirrors with a very large and worked frame can be inserted.

The size of the bathroom mirror is closely related to the size of the bathroom cabinet and its width: basically the mirror for the washbasin must have the same width as the cabinet (and the washbasin) on which it is installed.

In addition to the traditional shapes of rectangular or square bathroom mirrors, round, oval, hexagonal or more fluid and organic shaped mirrors are also available.

On the Acquaclick online catalog you will find bathroom mirrors of different shapes and sizes, perfect for adapting to any style and available space.

There are also bathroom mirrors with integrated light, LED mirrors equipped with an anti-glare light capable of perfectly illuminating the face without any shadow.

The use of a reversible LED bathroom mirror is certainly an excellent way to furnish with style and with an eye to the environment and energy saving.

An excellent solution is also a backlit bathroom mirror: backlit LED bathroom mirrors from the best brands on the market are available on Acquaclick for a discreet and elegant ambient light.

In addition to wall-mounted bathroom mirrors, on Acquaclick we have a wide selection of free-standing or fixed magnifying mirrors: a valid manufacturer of magnifying mirrors is Colombo Design while the leader in the production of rectangular bathroom mirrors is definitely Koh-I-Noor .

Even the major manufacturers of sanitary ware, such as Ideal Standard, Ceramica Flaminia, Duravit or Geberit have included a good range of mirrors in their price lists for a total look bathroom.

What mirror to put in the bathroom?

Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom can be a difficult task: you have to consider the size of the bathroom, the style of the furniture and the desired functionality.

For example, a mirror with an integrated light can be useful for the make-up or shaving area, while a larger mirror can be ideal for a large family.

Also, you have to choose the material of the mirror: glass, acrylic or metal.

With careful research and an assessment of your needs, you can find the perfect mirror for your bathroom, but if you need a hand to find the most suitable bathroom mirror for you, you can fill out our form for a bathroom mirror quote to receive an offer from our decorators.

Bathroom mirrors are an essential element in furnishing this room: not only must they be functional to reflect the image of the person being looked at, but they must also have an attractive design and be in harmony with the style of the bathroom.

The bathroom mirrors can be used as a complement to the furnishings or to broaden the perception of space.

The polished edge mirror is a type of bathroom mirror that is mounted directly on the wall, without an external frame. Thanks to this peculiarity, the mirror is very elegant and modern, suitable for any type of furniture.

Furthermore, being frameless, it is very easy to clean and maintain over time.

Its luminous and reflective appearance gives more brightness to the surrounding environment, making the bathroom more welcoming and comfortable.

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