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Mitsubishi is one of the most established companies in Italy and abroad for the production and sale of air conditioners.

Mitsubishi air conditioners are universally recognized as a symbol of efficiency and a guarantee of quality and, thanks to the dense network of authorized service centers spread throughout the country, they ensure assistance in the event of malfunction or installation problems.

In the online range of Mitsubishi air conditioners you will find affordable prices both for models with R410 refrigerant gas and with the innovative R32 refrigerant gas.

Among the most requested models in the catalog we find the Kirigamine Zen and Kirigamine Style collection which combine a particular and captivating design with excellent production quality and energy efficiency

Mitsubishi air conditioners are designed to have maximum efficiency and with an eye to the environment and are available in different sizes and configurations of monosplit air conditioners or multisplit air conditioners.

The Mitsubishi Electric range also includes innovative heat pump systems, with very high efficiency. Mitsubishi heat pumps and Mitsubishi air conditioners can boast of tax deductions in force such as 65% tax deduction and thermal account.

KIRIGAMINE STYLE SERIES: Kirigamine Style is the new mitsubishi air conditioner and embodies a simple and elegant design and high performance, thanks to the Energy Class A +++ guaranteed in both cooling and heating. the kirigamine style air conditioner It is available in white, black and red.

KIRIGAMINE SERIES: Thanks to new technologies and features, the Kirigamine air conditioner series is renewed, always remaining the top in Mitsubishi air conditioning. According to the new SEER and SCOP standards, the Kirigamine air conditioner is in energy class A+++. Plasma Quad technology helps ensure a clean and healthy environment by removing the four types of pollutants that the air is full of: bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust.

KIRIGAMINE ZEN SERIES: A design of impeccable elegance, colors that adapt to any kind of interior, precious materials and compact dimensions for kirigamine zen air conditioners. The new series of Kirigamine Zen air conditioners excels both in design and technology, thanks to the nanoplatinum filter and enzymes with high oxidizing capacity, which allows the air conditioner to neutralize bacteria, viruses, allergens and bad smells.

MULTISPLIT MXZ SERIES: MXZ multisplit air conditioners Solutions for optimizing your air conditioning system, combining a single outdoor unit with various indoor units according to your needs. Series of air conditioners characterized by high seasonal efficiency, versatility and ease of installation thanks to the automatic correction of the connections.

MSZ-SF SERIES: The MSZ-SF air conditioner units are characterized by ultra-compact dimensions, with only 2 dimensional levels for 6 different powers and by a refined "family design" common to the whole line. Thanks to the DC Inverter technology, the msz-ef air conditioners feature maximum silence and energy efficiency combined with useful functions and advanced devices for air filtration, such as the nanoplatinum filter. This filter has a high oxidizing efficacy, thanks to the platinum nano-particles which allow to neutralize bacteria, viruses, allergens and bad odours.

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