• Dualsplit (outdoor unit + indoor units)

    Dualsplit (outdoor unit + indoor units)

    <h2>The dual-split air conditioners you find in this section include two indoor units and the outdoor unit suitable for a correct system operation. Choose dual split fixed air conditioners with R410 gas such as Samsung's Quantum Maldives series, or with the innovative R32 gas, such as the Daikin M Series </h2>
  • Triple split (outdoor unit + indoor units)

    Triple split (outdoor unit + indoor units)

    <h2>With the trialsplit air conditioners you can install just one outdoor unit to control 3 indoor units in different environments. Here you will find trialsplit complete with outdoor unit and indoor units. You can choose a traditional split air conditioner, like Mitsubishi's Kirigamine Style or a compact ducted system like Mitsubishi air conditioners  </h2>
  • Quadruple split (outdoor unit + indoor units)

    Quadruple split (outdoor unit + indoor units)

    <h2>For your large home, choose a Quadri split air conditioner system. You will find the kit consisting on an outdoor unit and four indoor units and you can choose design models, such as the Daikin Emura collection or the simpler lines of the Plus collection by Mitsubishi   </h2>
  • Multisplit indoor units

    Multisplit indoor units

    <h2>Here you will find the widest range of indoor units for air conditioners online sale. You can choose the minimal and squared design of Mitsubishi Kirigamine Zen collection or the comfort of a Mitsubishi indoor floor unit or a Mitsubishi ducted unit. Several models are available with either R410A or R32 gas  </h2>
  • Dualsplit outdoor units

    Dualsplit outdoor units

    <h2>Here is our range of outdoor units for dual split air conditioners. Among the most requested models are the Daikin Emura collection or the Daikin M series air conditioners like the 2mxm with the innovative R32 gas  </h2>
  • Triple split outdoor units

    Triple split outdoor units

    <h2>Outdoor trialsplit units can control up to 3 indoor units in different environments. For example, choose the outdoor unit for Samsung Windfree conditioner. The Samsung Windfree conditioner revolutionizes your idea of air conditioner; thanks to its internal micro perforated unit, it diffuses the fresh air in a homogeneous way for greater comfort of use  </h2>
  • Quadruple split outdoor units

    Quadruple split outdoor units

    <h2>For larger rooms, here are our quadrisplit outdoor units that can only work in cooling or even in heat pumps. Among the best sellers is the New Style Plus series from Samsung: discover all the air conditioners unbeatable prices </h2>
  • Multisplit outdoor units (more than 4 indoor units)

    Multisplit outdoor units (more than 4 indoor units)

    <h2>Special environments may require the use of a single outdoor air conditioner unit to control more than 4 indoor units. Check out the Daikin air conditioning prices of the range we offer and choose the air conditioner that best suits your needs  </h2>
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Multisplit air conditioning systems let you operate multiple indoor units with just one outdoor air conditioning unit. We only select air conditioners with energy class A +, A ++ or A +++ of the best brands on the market. Choose your Daikin or Samsung dualsplit conditioners or, for larger sizes, choose a trialsplit or quadrisplit system.     


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