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Simas was born in Civita Castellana and has been characterized since its origins by the handcrafted production of bathroom fixtures, bidet toilets and washbasins.

Simas represents Italian manufacturing excellence so much that it boasts the Ceramics of Italy brand, the quality certificate of Confindustria Ceramica aimed at safeguarding and enhancing the historical, cultural and productive heritage of the Italian ceramic tradition made in Italy.

Simas produces classic Old English sanitary ware, such as the Arcade bathroom sanitary ware collection, available in the wall-hung toilet and bidet version or floor-standing sanitary ware, ideal for the renovation of farmhouses or houses with a retro taste.

The collections range from classic shapes that ride on the vintage style, such as the Simas London collection or the Lante bathroom sanitary ware collection, to more modern and design styles, such as for example simas lft or the Frozen sanitary ware.

The sanitary ware is available in the classic glossy white finish, but also in various other colors including matt finishes: the matt white finish of the sanitary ware is always available while the other colors have different availability depending on the selected collection.

Among the technological innovations of Simas sanitary ware, the Rimless technology was introduced, i.e. without a rim for a toilet with a more fluid and harmonious shape and for better cleaning. Find out more in our blog dedicated to rimless sanitary ware!

Among the various collections, the first to be produced in the Rimless version were the sanitary ware from the Vignoni collection by Simas.

Simas Vignoni toilets are a perfect synthesis of form and function as they combine the most modern design with technology aimed at saving water and simple maintenance.

Both wall-hung and floor-mounted sanitary ware are available with Rimless and in various colors.

As already indicated, one of the most particular collections of Simas sanitary ware is the Arcade collection.

The series collects the charm of yesterday in today's reality, a collection of bathroom fixtures with a classic design typical of ancient bathrooms but which resists time for its absolute elegance.

There is also a decorated variant of the collection with the Renaissance motif in platinum, an extremely classic decoration that unexpectedly manages to make the more retro shapes into more modern and captivating bathroom fixtures, emphasizing the shapes and enriching them with a baroque-contemporary elegance.

Another much loved collection is Evolution, created by the designer studio Terry Pecora. It is a retro collection with contemporary styling, a reinterpretation of the classic in a modern key in search of the right balance between yesterday and today, a vintage appeal that plays around the rounded square shape in a very current conception.

If your need is sanitary ware for small bathrooms, here is the LFT SPAZIO collection, it is a product of the Terry Pecora design studio and it is a collection of bathroom sanitary ware with essential and particularly clean lines, adaptable to modern and architectural spaces as well as to more intimate and everyday. There is the classic version in white ceramic and the decorated version. Here we propose, in addition to the classic version in white ceramic, the Renaissance Platino motif, an extremely classic decoration that enriches it with baroque-contemporary elegance; the Pois Mix Gold-Platinum-Silver motif, an extremely linear decoration, pure and simple in its circular shape, but with an unexpected aggressive as well as ironic charge if we think of the combination of the white ceramic of the bathroom fixtures with the brightness of the precious metals.

Lastly, the London sanitary ware collection deserves a mention. The Londra series is a very clean, simple and linear classic line, a collection of bathroom fixtures with an ancient design but without baroque or neoclassical frills, which resists time precisely because of its absolute simplicity. There is also a version with a walnut seat that fits well into a poor art context, refined environments with a country flavour.

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