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Axor Hansgrohe

Axor Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe’s Axor brand represents the kind of personalized style that a bathroom can have, each collection made unique and custom-made to suit any need thanks to the collaboration with famous designers.

From a more sophisticated style to one inspired by the shapes found in nature, Axor guarantees a unique and enticing solution for every need.

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Axor Hansgrohe represents the personalized style that your bathroom mixer can have and, with the collaboration of famous designers such as Stark, Urquiola Massaud, Citterio makes each collection unique, tailored to every need.

From the most refined style to the one most inspired by the forms of nature, hansgrohe Axor guarantees a unique and captivating solution for every need. One of the most popular collections is the Starck organic, an award-winning collection of mixers with organic shapes. On our website you will find axor starck price and offer with the possibility of asking our staff of interior designers for advice on how to combine these mixers.

Discover the shower technology of Hansgrohe shower heads and hand showers, the best shower systems in the world! Technological solutions allow you to obtain 2 water outlets from a single shower head or from a single sliding rail attachment. Hand showers, shower heads, mixers, taps ... a made in Germany that does not give up on design with an Italian taste, refinement and technology. Choose the quality and design of hansgrohe axor for your home and treat yourself to a luxury bathroom.

CARLTON COLLECTION: Characterized by curved shapes and a finish in chrome or gold-plated chrome and porcelain inserts in the control elements, the axor Carlton faucet line by hansgrohe takes you back to the 20s in a nostalgic and trend-resistant way. However, this retro trend is combined with the comfort of the most modern technologies for bathroom mixers and the countless possibilities of variants for the washbasin, from the single-lever mixer, to the classic tap with two lever handles, to the cross handles. The richness and classic elegance of Axor Carlton also distinguishes the taps and thermostatic mixers for bath and shower.Design: Phoenix Design

AXOR CITTERIO COLLECTION: The clean lines of the taps of the Citterio series by Axor make its taps timeless classics, characterized by maximum comfort of use. The modernity of the citterio faucet series lies in the contrast between flat and rounded surfaces, with attention to small details that are only perceived at a second closer look. The elegance and value of the Citterio line taps are given by the precisely worked surfaces, with soft radii and linear edges, available in different versions.Design: Antonio Citterio

CITTERIO M COLLECTION: Adaptable to different types of bathroom, thanks to the modern and simple design, the taps of the Citterio M line are a symbol of M-modernity, M-etropoli, M-ilano, the designer's city. The elegance of the overall image is given by the slender and light shapes of the mixers, which make the collection fascinating and refined. The design sign of the Citterio M line characterizes all taps, from sink mixers, to traditional taps, to thermostatic taps for shower and bath.Design: Antonio Citterio

MASSAUD COLLECTION: Strongly linked to natural elements, the faucets of the axor Massaud line, with a harmonious union between the organic and geometric shapes of the mixers, are suitable for lovers of organic and natural shapes. The body of the bathroom mixer takes up the natural forms, while the jet becomes a real waterfall in the "lake-washbasin". The different possible variants for the types of faucets allow you to choose the most suitable aggregation for your bathroom.Designer: Jean Marie Massaud

MONTREUX COLLECTION: With details and lines that hark back to the beginning of the 20th century, the axor Montreux faucet collection refers to the spirit of the "Belle Epoque", recreating a traditional yet modern bathroom environment. The elegance and refinement of the mixers in this series of faucets is given by the play of contrasts that takes the form of a coherent and seductive wholeDesign: Phonix Design

STARCK COLLECTION: The essential is the fundamental element on which the taps of the Starck collection are based. The minimalism of the shapes of the mixers is enhanced by the use of elementary shapes and clear and precise functions, without frills or distracting elements. Durable and modern, the Starck faucet collection makes the bathroom elegant and relaxing. The Joystick handle for the basin mixers is characteristic, with a classic spring lever or a modern pin handle.Design: Philippe Starck

UNO COLLECTION: Discreet and geometric, the Axor Uno ² faucet line adapts to any bathroom environment, whether worldly, discreet, puristic or extravagant. The flexibility of Axor² mixers allows you to always leave room for individual expression, always becoming a design classicDesign: Phoenix Design

URQUIOLA COLLECTION: The different shapes of the taps in the Axor Urquiola line make the mixers organic and natural. The combination with large surfaces re-proposes familiar shapes, in a collection full of imagination

and treated in detailDesign: Patricia Urquiola

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