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65% Tax Recovery65% Ecobonus deduction for energy requalification
It is possible to request a 65% personal income tax deduction for energy redevelopment interventions: the maximum spending limit varies from 30,000 to 100,000 depending on the type of intervention that will be carried out.

Currently the Ecobonus with a deduction of 65%

List of jobs that fall under the Ecobonus:

- Installation of solar panels for the production of hot water

- Replacement of traditional water heaters with heat pump water heaters

- Replacement of winter air conditioning systems with class A condensing boilers with advanced thermoregulation systems

- Replacement of plants with micro-cogenerators

- Purchase and installation of devices for remote control of plants.

To be entitled to the Ecobonus tax deduction of 65% it is necessary to have the certification by qualified professionals of the energy performance of buildings (Law 10).

The deductions are valid only for cases of replacement, they are not valid in the case of new constructions, extensions or demolitions and reconstructions.

How to place an order to be entitled to the Ecobonus deduction

On Acquaclick it is possible to place orders to then be entitled to the 65% IRPEF tax deduction (Ecobonus).

It is necessary to follow the procedure described here:

- Add the products to the cart and click on "Buy now"

- Follow the guided registration procedure on the site, remembering to indicate the TAX CODE on which the invoice will be issued. The tax code indicated must necessarily be the holder of the building file filed with the Municipality

- Select "Bank Transfer" as payment method

- Indicate in the order notes that speaking bank transfer will be made for the 65% IRPEF deduction

- Make the speaking bank transfer indicating the ORDER NUMBER or INVOICE NUMBER in the reason for payment

In case of doubts or need for more information, send us your request via email to info@acquaclick.com

In the event that your restructuring intervention does not fall within these cases, find out the requirements to have the 50% personal income tax deduction for restructuring

Tax benefits are valid fpr italian tax payers only. For further information write to ordini@acquaclick.com