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Multifuntional shower stalls

Multifunction shower enclosures on Acquaclick

To recreate the feeling of well-being you have in a SPA inside your home, you can choose to equip your bathroom with a multi-function shower.

Shower chromotherapy is a system which, integrated into the shower head or panels of the shower cabin, allows you to relax, increasing the feeling of well-being with each shower.

Hydromassage cabin

A multifunctional shower cubicle is the ideal solution for those who want to combine the pleasure of a shower with the benefits of a hydromassage. In particular, the hydromassage cabin is equipped with water jets which, thanks to the pressure exerted, massage the body in a targeted and effective way.

The hydromassage cabin can be enriched with various functions, such as chromotherapy, which uses colored light to promote relaxation and psychophysical well-being. Furthermore, some cabins are equipped with radio and MP3 player, to listen to your favorite music while enjoying the shower.

Multifunction shower enclosures are available in different models and sizes, to adapt to the needs of every space and every person. Furthermore, they can be customized with different materials and finishes, so as to integrate perfectly into the bathroom decor.

If you want to combine the pleasure of a shower with the benefits of a hydromassage, a multifunctional shower cubicle is certainly the ideal solution. Thanks to its numerous functions and versatility, it represents a real corner of relaxation in your bathroom.

Glax Novellini multifunctional shower enclosures

Types of multifunctional shower enclosures

In general, wellness showers are special shower enclosures that use optionals, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy or hydrotherapy to give the sensation of relaxation and well-being typical of spas and thermal centres.

For example, a hydromassage shower cabin with chromotherapy requires the installation of a shower column with traditional hydromassage jets and a system with an integrated chromotherapy program or special spotlights can be installed on the roof dedicated to the chromotherapy function with colored light and RGB LED spotlights.

Very particular are the hydromassage cabins with aromatherapy which are equipped with a diffuser mounted inside the shower which spreads the desired aroma based on the taste selected with special capsules, an energizing system to face the day.

With hydrotherapy, the flow and temperature of the water coming from the shower head or from the lateral jets of the hydromassage shower cubicle are continuously modified, for example passing from a rain jet to a waterfall jet for a restorative massage.

Based on the design of the multifunctional shower, various types of shower heads are available, sometimes integrated in the dome, and various types of hydromassage shower nozzles: waterfall nozzles are also available to have a massage thanks to a powerful uniform jet.

The multi-function shower enclosures can be equipped with a mechanical or thermostatic mixer but, to have optimal comfort for the entire duration of the shower, the version with a thermostatic mixer is always recommended, which avoids variations in water temperature.

On Acquaclick you will find Novellini multifunctional showers with hydromassage system and Hammam version with steam baths to have a real home spa in your bathroom.

Hydromassage shower: which one to choose?

Choosing a hydromassage shower can be difficult, but there are a few factors to consider to find the solution that fits your needs.

First of all, it is important to choose the type of jets: rain, waterfall or nebulizer ones can be excellent for a relaxing massage, while targeted ones can be useful for relieving particular muscle pains.

Also, the size of the shower is an important factor to consider: if you have limited space, you could go for a corner hydromassage shower, while if you have enough space available, you could go for a multifunctional shower cubicle with different massage options and accessories.

Finally, the material from which the shower is made is another factor to consider: while glass showers can add elegance to the bathroom, acrylic ones are more resistant and easier to clean.

With a little research and planning, you can find the perfect solution for enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating shower every day.

Glax 2 2 .0 shower enclosure by Novellini

The multifunctional Glax 2.0 shower enclosure is a complete and innovative solution for the well-being of your body. Thanks to its advanced technology, this shower cubicle offers multiple functions, including massages, chromotherapy, radio and Bluetooth connection to play your favorite music as well as the Hammam version.

The modern design of the Glax 2.0 enclosure fits perfectly into any bathroom decor and offers a personalized and comfortable shower experience.

The multifunctional Glax 2.0 shower enclosure is made with high quality materials that guarantee long life and easy cleaning. Furthermore, thanks to the integrated water filtration system, the water used for the shower is always clean and fresh.

Multifunction shower enclosures: Glax by Novellini

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