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Caleffi develops and produces components for heating, air conditioning and bathroom systems, heat metering, and specialized components for renewable energy systems.

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The production process is a strong point of Caleffi which always has the primary objective of guaranteeing the quality of the products.

In the online catalog of Caleffi hydraulic products present on Acquaclick there are all the complementary products for your radiators, including thermostatic valves and lockshield valves, but also thermostatic heads and thermostats and control units to digitally control your heating system.

Caleffi thermostatic valves

The use of a good thermostatic valve, together with a wireless or traditional thermostatic head, such as Wical, and a control unit for the control of your heating system, allows you to optimize consumption and modulate the temperature range to obtain a really substantial savings on bills.

Caleffi thermostatic valves are available in 1/2 or 3/8 sections and in the angled or straight version, depending on the needs of your system and your radiators.

The valves can be adapted to any type of radiator with special adapters which allow the valves and lockshield valves to be installed on multilayer or copper pipes, but the Caleffi thermostatic heads can only be installed on Caleffi thermostatic valves.

If you love attention to detail, choose aesthetic thermostatic valves to complete your radiator, such as the High Style valves by Caleffi

Products from the Caleffi catalogue

All the products in the Caleffi range are characterized by an accurate choice of materials and, in addition to the completion products for radiators, it also offers components for thermal power plants, dirt separators, pressure reducers, thermostatic heads, thermostatic controls and devices for separating the impurities, zone and motorized valves, mixing valves, manifolds, boxes and accessories, circuit balancing devices, fittings, gas valves, expansion vessels, CMV systems and much more.

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