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GROHE was founded in 1936 and ever since then, throughout every phase of its growth, its reputation has always been based on excellent quality, superior and contemporary design, and constantly updated technology mindful of human and environmental needs.

GROHE is the biggest European company in the bathroom fixtures and products industry, and a brand recognized world-wide. By making quality, innovative technology and design its cornerstones, GROHE was guaranteed growth and prosperity from its inception.

Grohe faucets are technologically advanced and the company develops new technologies every year with a focus on water saving. Grohe taps and fittings are synonymous with quality and durability thanks to the spare parts service with perishable parts that can be recovered up to 10 years after the installation of the mixer.

energy saving and reduced water consumption are the problems that Grohe has set itself in recent years and that it has developed in its new production technologies.

BATHROOM ACCESSORIES: Many collections include a series of bathroom accessories that contain the same details and formal guides as the faucet collection. Their modernity and practicality make them indispensable for the completion of any bathroom furniture.

GROHE ADRIA TAPS: The reinterpretation of the clean lines of the mixers with an avant-garde design make the Adria collection suitable for any type of bathroom. The headworks allow comfortable operation of the mixer and the high-quality materials enhanced by StarLight® technology give a long-lasting aesthetic.

GROHE ALLURE MIXERS: The cylindrical bodies of the bathroom faucets rise from square or rectangular bases, giving the whole an absolutely minimalist character. There are two types of handle available on the mixers: a flat lever and a cross lever, to satisfy every stylistic need.

BAUEDGE MIXER: The simple lines of these single-lever mixers give a modern and clean look to any type of bathroom furniture. The parallelism between the lever and the spout enhances the contemporary design of the bathroom mixer and the StarLight® chrome plating gives it a durable aesthetic.

GROHE CONCEPT MIXER: Characterized by highly dynamic cylindrical shapes, the Concetto collection combines design suitable for a modern bathroom with highly refined details enhanced by the chrome plating given by StarLight® technology, with high performance given by GROHE SilkMove® technology for perfect regulation of the water.

GROHE POWER & SOUL SHOWER: The innovative series of shower rods, heads and hand showers combines an ergonomic design of the hand shower with the possibility to choose between different types of jet according to specific needs. The comfort of being able to choose the intensity and type of flow is accompanied by the simplicity of operation, via a button on the back of the hand shower.

RAINSHOWER SHOWER SYSTEMS: the shower columns and shower rods in this line guarantee optimal comfort thanks to the combination of traditional shower heads and hand showers with adjustable height side jets and high-tech thermostatic mixers. The sophisticated and modern design of all the lines of Rainshower® systems guarantee perfect adaptability to any type of bathroom furniture and a touch of refined elegance.

RELEXA SHOWER: The clean lines of the Relexa hand shower combine the ergonomic aspect with the comfort of being able to choose from five different jets for every need. GROHE DreamSpray® technology for perfect and uniform spray distribution is combined with GROHE StarLight® chrome plating, which enhances its aesthetic characteristics.

TEMPESTA SHOWER: the rods, shower columns and shower heads of the Tempesta line are characterized by a refined aesthetic with a shockproof ring around the shower head to give greater resistance and is increased by the StarLight® system, which guarantees brilliance and resistance through the chrome plating. GROHE DreamSpray® technology also ensures even distribution of water from the nozzles.

GROHE ESSENCE TAPS: Adaptable to any type of bathroom due to the availability in three different styles, the Essence taps combine the purity of the lines with the GROHE SilkMove® technology, which guarantees the precision of the lever in regulating the water, and StarLight® , which gives an elegant chrome. The variant with EcoJoy® also guarantees lower water consumption and respect for the environment.

EUPHORIA SHOWER LINE: The aesthetics of the Euphoria shower rods and hand showers is given by the elongated hand shower enriched by a chrome ring and is combined with the technology of the GROHE DreamSpray® delivery system, which distributes the jet evenly from the nozzles, and the SprayDimmer system, which reduces water consumption by up to 40%.

GROHE EUROCUBE TAPS: The square design of the taps of the Eurocube line is a sign of a personalized and elegant style. The details of the bathroom mixer lever reduce the perceived volume of each piece and, together with SilkMove® technologies for regulating water temperature and flow and GROHE StarLight® which gives a seductive chrome, give the collection exceptionality from the point of view aesthetic and technological.

EURODISC TAPS: The Eurodisc tap collection impresses with its great visual impact, given by the particular design of the fin lever. ThereThe modernity of the eurodisc faucet line is combined with an advanced use of SilkMove® technologies for soft and precise use of the lever, StarLight® technology for chrome plating and long-lasting protection, and EcoJoy® technology for reducing water consumption.

GROHE EUROECO MIXERS: Euroeco is a line of clean and highly functional taps, as the massive steel lever allows easy operation through the GROHE SilkMove® technology and allows you to precisely control the temperature and flow of the water. Curved and straight lines of the bathroom mixers come together in the parallelism between the spout and the lever, underlining the ever-present look even with a brilliant chromium plating given by StarLight®.

GROHE EUROPLUS: The linearity and formal cleanliness of Europlus taps are suitable for any type of bathroom furniture. They combine modern design with the ergonomics and practicality of the lever, which with a slight recess softens the shapes and with GROHE SilkMove® technology which guarantees precise, manageable and long-lasting use. The timeless elegance of this line of faucets is accentuated by GROHE StarLight® technology which ensures the brilliance and protection of all components

GROHE EUROSMART MIXERS: Perfect for any modern bathroom, the Eurosmart taps combine the curved lines and solidity of the mixer lever with the most modern technologies, both from an aesthetic point of view, guaranteeing a time-resistant chrome plating with StarLight® technology, and from point of view of practicality with GROHE SilkMove® technology for precise control of water flow and temperature. The line with GROHE EcoJoy® technology also allows for significant water savings.

GROHE EUROSTYLE MIXERS: With slightly curved lines and an inclined body, the Eurostyle collection combines the formal elegance of its mixers with a technological richness, the source of its success: the clean lines are enhanced by the chrome plating given by StarLight® technology, while the practicality is ensured by SilkMove® for precise regulation of water flow and temperature, attention to water saving is also ensured by the use of EcoJoy® technology.

GROHE BLUE-RED MIXERS: The technology of the Grohe Blue home, grohe blue pure and GROHE Red® kitchen taps combines the usual aesthetics of Grohe mixers with high-performance filter technology capable of removing impurities that contaminate tap water .

They are also available in the version with carbonator and filtration system to have sparkling water directly from the tap.

Blue&Red technology puts health first, purifying the water of heavy metals, chlorine and limescale, combined with a fresh taste through two separate internal ducts for filtered mixed running water and unfiltered water.

GROHE LINEAR TAPS: Clean and minimalist design, contemporary and highly seductive design for the bathroom taps of this line. Essential and modern, they take up the rigid lines typical of minimalism with a softer touch. The aesthetic coherence arises from the parallel geometries of the spout and the lever of the mixer and is highlighted by the StarLight® chrome finish, while the SilkMove® technology guarantees precise and easy control of the flow and temperature of the water.

GROHE MINTA MIXER: The perfect balance of form and function of the Minta taps is given by the clean "C", "U" and "L" shapes of the mixers combined with the practicality of the extractable hand shower and mousseur. The technologies used in minta taps also improve comfort, the SilkMove® technology in fact allows a soft and precise operation of the lever, the aesthetics, the StarLight® technology gives a brilliant chrome, and the attention to environmental resources, the EcoJoy® version allows you to reduce water consumption.

GROHE EUPHORIA CUBE TAPS: If you value minimalistic design, then Euphoria Cube shower rails, shower columns and head shower are the right choice for you. The reduced lines and modern aesthetics of the shower head highlight the square shape of the shower head and give your bathroom a refined look. For optimal performance of the Rain dispenser, Euphoria Cube systems have been built with DreamSpray technology.

GROHE TEMPESTA SLIDING BAR AND HEADS: Tempesta shower rails and columns are the perfect choice for the modern and architectural bathroom. Like all Grohe shower systems, it is easy to install and is equipped with the best technologies such as DreamSpray to guarantee maximum satisfaction in the shower and TurboStat technology applied to the thermostat, to always guarantee the same temperature during the shower.

GROHE SENSIA MULTIFUNCTIONAL WC: Sensia Arena is the bidet toilet with bidet function that will allow you cleaner daily hygiene in absolute

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