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  • Acquaclick

    Frames, drain pipes (syphon traps) and anchoring systems guaranteed by Acquaclick to complete your toilets.

  • Ariston

    Ariston is a world leader in heating systems for both hot water and the home. Consumers worldwide can count on optimal solutions for their comfort in an exclusive Italian design, efficient and of high quality.

  • Axor Hansgrohe

    Hansgrohe’s Axor brand represents the kind of personalized style that a bathroom can have, each collection made unique and custom-made to suit any need thanks to the collaboration with famous designers. From a more sophisticated style to one inspired by the shapes found in nature, Axor guarantees a unique and enticing solution for every need.

  • Bellosta

    Ever since its founding on the shores of Lake Orta in 1961, the foundation of the Bellosta production has been their passion for beautiful things, alongside an innovative spirit that still looks back towards the past and traditions. The success of every Bellosta collection is given by the knowledgeable combination of research and development with paying close attention to detail and to fashion and design trends dedicated to the needs of the consumers, architects and designers.

  • Beretta

    Beretta offers a complete and innovative line to satisfy all residential heating needs. On the market since the 1950s, the company has expanded its line of products and services to also include hot water heaters, boilers, and heat pumps.

  • Bosch Junkers

    Junkers, originally founded in 1895 in Germany, is a brand under the thermotechnology division of Robert Bosch GmbH. In 1932 Junkers became part of the Bosch group and took on the name of Thermotechnology Division.

    Today it is present around the world with 7 brand names and it is among the world leaders in the heating and hot water production industry.

  • BWT Cillichemie

    Cillichemie is part of the BWT Group and has been on the water purification market for many years.

  • Caleffi

    Caleffi develops and produces components for heating, air conditioning and bathroom systems, heat metering, and specialized components for renewable energy systems.

  • Ceramica Dolomite

    Ceramica Dolomite is one of the many Italian bathroom sanitary ware manufacturers specialized in ceramics. Since 2007 Ceramica Dolomite is part of the Ideal Standard International Group.

    Since the beginning Ceramica Dolomite has been specialized ceramic sanitary equipment production, shower trays and taps. Toilet and bidet, shower trays and bathroom faucets have an excellent quality / price ratio and a simple and linear design. The Dolomite bathroom sanitary ware is the ideal solution for those who want to renovate their bathroom but do not want to invest large budgets.Founded in Trichiana in 1965, Ceramica Dolomite is based on the principles of concrete ideas and practical intents, which have allowed her to remain competitive on the market and keep up with new manufacturing technologies. They are passionate about quality, and always pay attention to design, never taking it for granted. They make sure that all of their products are polished down to the smallest detail, and suitable for every possible user’s needs.

  • Ceramica Flaminia

    Ceramica Flaminia started producing bathroom ceramics in January 1995. Their manufacturing challenge was to create high quality ceramics and products while keeping costs down, while at the same time guaranteeing the top professionalism of their workers and continuous technological innovation. Today they continue to look for new technical and style solutions to apply to all their products.

  • Chaffoteaux

    Chaffoteaux offers heating systems and water heaters from multiple energy sources that integrate the most modern technological innovations when it comes to protecting the environment and energy saving.

  • CM

    CM, founded in 1967 in Cartigliano, in the province of Vicenza, has set a new standard in the production of stainless steel kitchen sinks. They are an essential partner to all of the most important Italian companies in the kitchen sector, and they export more than 50% of their production abroad.

    The quality of their products is certified and the exclusive use of AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel guarantees the longevity of your sink.

  • Colombo Design

    Colombo Design was founded in 1990 as a manufacturing company of handles. In 1993 it launched its first bathroom accessories line onto the market. The production cycle is carried out completely in-house, thanks to sophisticated and automated systems that can produce even the most modern finishes, guaranteeing their longevity and easy upkeep. They mainly use metal alloys, such as brass or chromall, which can take on any shape thanks to die-casting or forging processes. The company’s mission is to produce design objects for the modern habitat that are accessible to most of their potential end users.

  • Cordivari

    Cordivari Srl is among the biggest Italian players in the bathroom heating industry. The company specializes in towel heating rails and design radiators, boilers and buffer tanks, pressurized containers, solar thermal systems, tanks, systems to gather and purify water, chimney systems, food containers and metal finishes.

  • Daikin

    Daikin is a global leader in air conditioners and heat pumps production.

    The daikin air conditioning systems are known for their high performances and their cutting-edge technologies around the world.

    Daiken has a good assistance network presence which guarantees customer assistance even for old daikin models.

  • Duravit

    Duravit was founded in 1817 in Germany. It is one of the most recognized brands in the world for bathroom ceramics, mixer taps and bathroom interior design.

  • Fantini

    Fantini is set on the shores of Lake Orta and has deep roots in its local community. It produces faucets and bathroom fittings with a clear and ambitious objective: invention, design and technique must move forward together, paying careful attention to the smallest detail in a never-ending search for perfection, so as to improve quality of life. The high quality of the technology they use and their careful design give a contemporary and sophisticated look to all their collections.

    The team that works on a product all aim towards a common result, and the many players involved have each their own role, but are not set in a hierarchy. The individual, his or her qualities and skills are at the centre of the process.

  • Fir

    Over 50 years of history.

  • Geberit

    Precision, know-how and the pleasure of innovation: these are the main characteristics of the Geberit products and systems, and have been creating quality of life for generations ever since 1874. Swiss know-how is synonym with quality and perfection down to the smallest detail, guaranteeing top efficiency and financial sustainability. Thanks to its wide range of products and systems, Geberit can provide innovative solutions for most bathroom- and water-related applications. Most Geberit products are hidden from view after installation, but they keep on functioning for decades thanks to their high quality and reliability. Geberit also offers products that are meant to be seen, and distinguish themselves for their ease of use and their sophisticated design, such as Geberit Monolith, AquaClean, flush plates and shower components.

  • Geromin

    The Geromin brand has been devoted to bathroom, kitchen and laundry room interior design since the early 50s, and their products are characterized by quality, design, and functionality. They constantly invest in Research & Development to keep adapting their products to the latest market trends: all of their manufacturing processes are carried out using state-of-the-art technology. This, alongside their experience, brings to life products that have certified quality. In addition, the company has always been environmentally conscious and use eco-friendly products, for added quality and naturalness.

  • Grohe

    GROHE was founded in 1936 and ever since then, throughout every phase of its growth, its reputation has always been based on excellent quality, superior and contemporary design, and constantly updated technology mindful of human and environmental needs. GROHE is the biggest European company in the bathroom fixtures and products industry, and a brand recognized world-wide. By making quality, innovative technology and design its cornerstones, GROHE was guaranteed growth and prosperity from its inception.

  • Hansgrohe

    Since 1901 Hansgrohe has specialized in the sanitary fittings industry, developing trending concepts and solutions that have been stimulating international research. Most of Hansgrohe’s products are made in the south of Germany, and the company maintains a rigorous eye on the quality of its materials, on the production process, and on research to improve our health, safety and well-being. Hansgrohe stands for high functionality and product quality, technological ability and leading design, production methods and eco-friendly products.

  • Ideal Standard

    Ideal Standard is an Italian company with a more than 100 years activity. Ideal standard concept and ideal standard bathroom design are shown in its complete catalog which allows the furnishing of the whole bathroom: ideal standard sanitary ware, faucets, ideal standard bathroom furniture, ideal standard shower bath and bath tub, so all ideal standard toilet fittings.

    Ideal Standard sanitary ware are made with care and attention to customer needs: different collections for shapes and price ranges allow you to create your bathroom.

    The new Aquablade technology guarantees cleaning and hygiene of the toilet thanks to the flow of water that reaches the entire surface of the toilet.

    With the brand ideal standart you will find the bath furniture that best suits your needs!

  • Immergas

    Planning and manufacturing know-how in italy.

  • Inda

    Inda, an Italian story. Leaders in the international bathroom interior design scene. With 70 years experience at the service of their clients, the company is based on the careful ability to grasp the needs and preferences of a heterogeneous and dynamic public, and on being able to anticipate the constantly changing trends in the home environment.

  • Innova

    Innova is known for its modern air conditioning system with its production of the single unit air conditioner.

    Innova air conditioners combine a modern and minimal design and minimize environmental impact.

  • Irsap

    Irsap was founded in 1963 near Rovigo, in the north-east of Italy, and specialized in manufacturing heaters. Year after year the company continued to specialize and improve their production, becoming a world-renowned brand.

  • Koh-I-Noor

    Koh-I-Noor was founded in 1930 and began production in Italy in 1950, with the aim to research the most elegant and at the same time functional design for the bathroom space. Their range of products later expanded into accessories for personal grooming, and over time they developed a true vocation for everything bathroom, opening a division for Bathroom Décor and Furnishing in 1995, seeing the space as a whole to be lived in. Qualified designers collaborate in-house and took their research to the next level as regards both detail refinement and style innovation, using state-of-the-art technology and materials, emphasizing the value of constant and qualified research.

  • LG

    The range of air conditioners by LG satisfies all the technical and design needs of the final consumer.

  • Lineabeta

    Their slogan is "everyday design", demonstrating the willingness of Linea Beta to be leaders in bathroom accessories, while at the same time remaining young and fresh, adaptable to any situation. Their strong point is their everyday life appeal, and it has taken the company into public and private spaces for the past thirty years, in different styles and functions. These thirty years, characterized by energy, experience, innovation and creativity, are but a starting point for their future growth.

  • Marazzi

    Design, innovation and tradition, but also environmental friendliness: these are the strong points of the Marazzi ceramics, a company that has been a leader in creating innovative, high-quality spaces since 1935.

    They are not simply flooring and panelling: today the technology and innovation by Marazzi allows for more and more varied architectural solutions even for public areas and large interior design projects.

  • Mitsubishi

    Ever since 1921, Mitsubishi Electric has been a renowned world leader in production, marketing and sales of electrical and electronic equipment. They have over 90 years of experience in supplying state-of-the-art and reliable products, both to large companies and to consumers around the world. In Italy Mitsubishi Electric has had its headquarters in Agate Brianza for over 30 years, at the Colleoni central offices. The products and components by Mitsubishi Electric are used in numerous areas: IT and telecommunication, space research and satellite communications, consumer electronics, industrial technology, energy, transportation and construction.

  • Nobili

    For over sixty years Nobili has continuously developed innovations and promoted environmental sustainability, improving the efficiency of its products every day. They support the creativity of the best designers and architects, creating unique bathroom environments as regards both design and technology. Nobili produce kitchen faucet, bathroom faucets but also shower head and shower handle.

  • Pomd'or

    Pomd'or is a Spanish company founded in Barcelona in 1974. It wasn’t until the 1990s that they changed their production from glass decorative objects to bathroom accessories made in glass and metal. Pomd’or has always created quality accessories paying particular attention to materials and manufacturing processes, creating collections with a sophisticated and elegant design.

  • Ponte Giulio

    PONTE GIULIO S.p.A. is a publicly traded company with headquarters near Orvieto, in the province of Terni, more specifically in the small town of Ponte Giulio. The company was founded in 1973 and its initial business was focused on manufacturing furniture intended for industrial construction. In the early 80s they turned their attention to planning and manufacturing bathrooms spaces intended for hotels and communal or public spaces. From there on, in a continuous process of specialization, their interest turned to the bathroom space, to manufacturing specific products for public bathrooms, bathroom structures to support the disabled and the elderly, child-oriented bathrooms, hotel bathrooms. Their interest in the healthcare environment pushed the company to expand its range of traditional supports for the disabled and to design and manufacture items to aid the washing and movements of patients. At the same time the BAGNOSICURO® (=”safe bathroom”) project expanded into the residential space and they designed and produced lines that took under consideration the aesthetics and usability needs specific to the private bathroom. They use colour, select materials and design. They are “solutions for bathroom safety”, which is the central idea of their business today.

  • Pozzi Ginori

    Pozzi-Ginori is the history of Italian art and design of bathroom ceramics. Ever since its origins in 1735, their creations have always been of the highest quality and prestige, and soon were among the best in Europe. Now as then Pozzi-Ginori is a leader in creating ceramic toilets, and the lines in the Pozzi-Ginori collection are a testament to that.

  • Samsung

    Founded in 1938 in Daegu, Korea, Samsung is leader in several industries, among which air conditioning. Ever since its foundation Samsung has aimed to create quality products and services that improve usability and allow for a smarter lifestyle. Samsung’s efforts are aimed towards improving the global community through research for increasingly more revolutionary innovation, and through creating values.

    Samsung is a leading company in the production of aircondition.

    Samsung air conditioners are among the most innovative on the market and offer the right solution to manage the household air conditioning for every type of housing solution.

  • Sanitana

    Sanitana is a company in Anadia, Portugal, which manufactures and sells bathroom ceramics and accessories. The company, founded in 1979, was the first Portuguese ceramics producer dedicated exclusively to manufacturing bathroom ware.

  • Simas

    Their commitment towards designing solutions for everyday life is the idea that Simas keeps in mind when creating each of their collections, studying changes in society, in the taste and lifestyle of the people, creating new trends. Ever since 1955, when the company was founded in Civita Castellana, what has made Simas successful is the manufacturing quality of products 

    Made in Italy, a characteristic that has been a constant over the years, adding unique designs and an increasingly more decisive character.

  • Teuco

    Ever since 1972, the year of its foundation, the guiding principles of Teuco have been their propensity towards innovation, careful attention to design, respect for ergonomics, and a cult of materials. Their continuous technological innovation is shown by the great number of registered patents that have marked the history of the company. These included both approaches tied to well-being—e.g. Hydrosonic, Hydrosilence, Hydroline—and materials, such as their innovative use of Duralight. Design is also a fundamental aspect of all the Teuco collections, and, following the success achieved by the bathroom collection Wilmotte, you can now see the “totally designer look” in several collections: Kinea, Nauha, Paper and Outline.

  • Vaillant

    The history of the Vaillant group begins in 1874, when the company was founded in Remscheid, Germany, by Johann Vaillant. Ever since then the company never stopped evolving and expanding, investing more and more in production and development of renewable energy such as heat pumps, solar panels, and innovative systems that look towards the future. The company is today a main player in the heating industry.


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